The Founder/ Creator 

Tara Newbigging

BooTy® was created in 2012 by Tara Newbigging. It came from a place of regeneration, vulnerability and inspiration. BooTy® is central to the person that Tara is today and is grateful to be able to share the experience with others and have such a profound impact on women's lives.

By sharing the BooTy program with women around the world and certifying other BooTy leaders, Tara hopes that many women can feel and experience the powerful effects that the program can have. BooTy® challenges you when you need to be challenged, it centres you when you feel off-balance, teaches you to love more than you ever knew you could. If there is one thing that everyone has to say about BooTy® is that you have to experience it to understand it.

Women walk away feeling strong and empowered to live their most authentic lives. It provides a supportive environment for women to connect with self. BooTy® is for women of all ages, abilities and backgrounds. You do not need to be coordinated, you just need to be you. Each class you will leave feeling clear, strong and empowered.

​Trust me... you have to try it out for yourself.

Tara Newbigging