Connecting Mind, Body & Soul


BooTy® makes you feel. The BooTy® Experience combines many different elements which will help you feel stronger both physically and mentally.


What can you expect from your BooTy® Experience :


  • Women only

  • Barefoot (but can choose to wear shoes)

  • Easy-to-follow choreography

  • Guaranteed workout 

  • Body weight exercise

  • Interval training (squats, burpees, pushups, etc.)

  • Concentrated balance poses (some hidden yoga moves)

  • Fun, motivating music that will move you

  • Intense cardio (as much as you want to make it)

  • Options given for all levels of fitness (make your own modifications)

  • All ages and stages

  • Non-judgemental, welcoming environment

  • A good sweat

  • Motivation and inspiration from instructors

  • Shavasana at the end

BooTy® classes are run and operate at various locations by certified independent leaders. Rates vary depending on location and leader. BooTy® Programs INC. has trained and certified over 70 leaders to teach and offer classes. Check out the leaders and where their classes are currently being held. If you are interested in having BooTy® come to your area, please contact us.