Meet our Master leader trainers, as well as the ambassadors of our brand, our beliefs, and our mission.

These women host and lead teacher trainings all around Canada.


They are the leaders, educators and passionate sparks, that share the BooTy® brand with the world.

All leaders have different life experiences and unique stories about themselves that make them wonderful representations of the BooTy® brand. These women are the true representation of BooTy® and they sure know how to help other women become leaders in their own ways. Let these women inspire you, let them give you the gift of becoming a BooTy® leader and help you spread love and light to women all over the world. 


Trainings can take place anywhere if enough interested in becoming leaders. If you know of an area that you would like to bring BooTy® first check to see if there is a current training taking place that you could attend and then if not and you would like to host a training please contact us

Creator/ National Master Trainer 

Tara Newbigging


 Master Trainer Trainer /Mentor

Jennifer Mulbach


Northern Alberta Master Leader Trainer / Mentor

Cindy Granley

Quebec Master Leader Trainer 

Sandra Lévesque

Australia Master Leader Trainer 

Vienna Reid