WHAT women have to SAY

"You have to try it to experience it." 

-Tara Newbigging 

"BooTy® and its founder, Tara Newbigging, came into my life at exactly the right time. I've never been one for fitness classes, and certainly not a fitness class that featured any kind of choreography. I mean, Zumba was my idea of a nightmare. Still is. 


Jennifer, a longtime BooTy leader convinced me to try it. At the time I was heartbroken, recently laid off, and living in a town where I didn't know many people. So I went. I felt foolish because I didn't know the choreography and nearly died by mountain climbers. Within five classes, I had caught on to the moves, lost myself in the music, and left the studio feeling like some kind of kick-ass warrior goddess. 


Almost two years later, I love BooTy®. I can't wait for my evenings in the studio with my tribe of strong, soft, supportive, bad-ass and inspiring women. In that safe space, I can let go, I can cry, I can laugh. Each class, I leave not only physically stronger, but emotionally stronger, more confident and sexier than I was the day before.


BooTy® is so much more than a fitness class, it's a mindset and a community."

Thanks for dreaming up such beautiful thing :)







"With BooTy®, I can dance, sweat and just be in the moment in the music...I love feeling strong and fluid, but most importantly, having a smile on my face the whole time."


-Sarah Morgan Brookings (Canmore AB) 





"I found a place where I worked out to BE me, not BEAT me."


-Belinda Beck (Yellowknife NT)





"BooTy came into me into my life exactly when I needed it. I was a tired mom after having my second baby and was feeling like I'd lost who I was. After about two classes with Tara, I was feeling stronger not just physically but mentally. Each class stirs something up inside and also gives me the chance to completely let go. The workout is amazing and I crave doing booty. Tara is inspiring and her passion for life is contagious by just being in her class!"


-Cailin Morrison (Cochrane AB)






I was hooked after my first class! I remember feeling hesitant going in thinking “I can’t dance” but at the end of the class laying down in savasana soaked in sweat, not knowing what just happened. I began to listen to the words being spoken, they cracked open my heart just enough to allow a flood of emotions and tears that were so unexpected yet so welcomed. This release gave me what no talk therapy had ever been able to unlock within me. My body loves the fun workout, but my soul loves BooTy and that’s what keeps me coming back.


-Sheena (Cremona)






 I still do not think its possible to put into words the feeling inside me that BooTy has given me. When I first started booTy, I signed up thinking it was going to be a new & exciting workout to add to my weekly schedule, I still remember watching and trying my best to follow Cindy as she let herself go during the first BooTy class. I think everyone was in awe of how she just moved with the music without a care in the world. I walked out sweating head to toe, and going home to tell me, fiancé, how great the first class was. BooTy started to speak to me after just a few classes but it wasn’t until I found myself wiping away tears while lying in Shavasana where I knew there was something more to this 1 hour class of absolute self-love. I had officially given my soul to BooTy after an amazing class, Cindy spoke about how to “ let shit go, get rid of the toxic people and to remove the negativity from your life” it was as if she saw how my previous week was going an decided to be my spiritual advisor. From that night on my life has taken a turn. I find myself counting down days till the next class, I have now snuck into Cindy’s classes in another town, I leave BooTy with an amazing attitude that I take home with me and it resonates through my week. I have made my “circle” smaller with people but have expanded my want to be kind on a daily basis. My fiancé can testify that BooTy has even changed my home life.I take the time to appreciate him, I appreciate my time, who I am as a person, & I take time to reflect on myself. I am that crazy girl in the class who dances till she rips a hole in the crotch of her pants (It happened, and I showed everyone). I move my body & my soul to every song, and I continue dancing on during my day to day duties. I dance in the kitchen, I dance in the bathroom, I dance and sing as loud as I can in my vehicle. It is not the only BooTy that has me inspired, it is yourself and Cindy that have shown me that there is defiantly a kick-ass way to live. Your daily posts, your words, and poems are so true and I find myself reading or listening to something new to connect with and feel completely at ease with my thoughts. I lost my Brother who is my absolute best friend 4 years ago. The pain is still real and raw and I give myself those few minutes while laying on my mat in Shavasana to talk to him, to let him see that I have found something that allows me to release, to have fun, to let go and that once I leave that room I will be ok tomorrow, and the next day, and the next. 

Tara, it is people like you and Cindy who change people daily, I bet that feels so amazing, and I strive to achieve your positivity and passion for life. 


-Abby (Mayerthorpe)