Hire Tara

Planning an event and want to add a fun motivating movement piece to create impact and inspiration for your attendees?


Want to be energized, motivated and prepared to take your goals, dreams, and life to the next level? 

Tara Newbigging can bring a fun spark of love and light to your event, workshop, and or retreat. 


Hire her to:

  •  Lead an inspiring and engaging workshop or seminar.

  •  Facilitate a meaningful and interactive group meeting or retreat.

  • Host a fun Bachelorette BooTy® Class. 

  • Soul Coaching / Life Coaching

  • Plan a Private Mountain Retreat in the Rockies.

  • Team up with Tara for a class workshop at your studio. 

  • Personal Training or coaching.


If you would like to contact Tara and book her for an event please email here