Take your love for BooTy® to the next level and share it with women in your area. Join the team of leaders who are moving and motivating minds.

BooTy® is growing and expanding across Canada, and we are looking for leaders to join the team and share this amazing experience with others.


We are currently a boutique brand that handpicks and interviews our potential leaders to make sure that each woman is a good fit for the brand. Interest usually comes from experience as a class member or attending a class with one of the leaders. Once you decide you are interested, it is important to reach out to Tara Newbigging or one of the BooTy® leaders to discuss opportunities and set up an interview or phone call. 


If you are interested in learning more about the BooTy® Leader Training contact

Tara Newbigging: or for Quebec contact: Sandra Lévesque: 


Send a filled out application to within your email. 


How do we choose leaders and what are the next steps:

Testimonials from leaders: 


I have been doing BooTy for about a year and have noticed many positive changes in myself… I am happier and way more fit, but most importantly, I now love to exercise and am pushing myself both physically and mentally. Exercise used to be something I did because I had to, not because I actually looked forward to it. After my first BooTy® class, I realized that connecting my mind, body and soul through the movements was my ideal recipe for success.


Although I danced for 15 years, I have never felt the same release and freedom that BooTy gives me. I have never danced anywhere else the way I dance in a BooTy class.  I have grown so much in the past year and I just keep growing! I feel stronger (both mentally and physically) and more confident. I dance like no one is watching. I take chances. I push myself to my physical and mental limits. As a perfectionist who is so afraid of failing, nothing has ever encouraged me to take such health risks. 


The best part about all this???? I get to share it with others! I get to share it with young girls who are struggling with the same things I did. I get to be a part of women building their confidence and letting themselves feel the music. I get to be a part of  group of women who motivate and support each other. I get to watch women learn to love themselves again or to love themselves in a way they never have. In the same way that BooTy is helping them, I am healing myself.


So… should you become a leader? No one can answer that for you, but it might help to ask yourself a few questions : are you ready for change? Do you want to be part of the changes you want to see? Do you want to inspire, motivate, encourage and, in turn, be inspired, motivated and encouraged? Do you want to dance your heart out and give your all again and again? Do you want to challenge your body, mind, and soul? Do you want to be part of a group of beautiful women who are creating a safe space for other women to grow and change?


If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you know what to do. Courage isn’t about not being afraid, it’s about being afraid and doing it anyway. That is the way of growth.



-Juhelle (Winnipeg) 



I came across BooTy® on FB when I saw a class being advertised by Leader Karen Paine-Cambaliza.

I attended her class knowing nothing about BooTy® and loved it. She mentioned that Tara was interested in finding new leaders and a few days later I had a conversation on the phone with Tara who told me to come to her class in Canmore. That was when it all clicked. After that one class with Tara, it was like something inside of me was unlocked. I had so many feelings and thoughts racing through my heart, head, and body. I knew I had to get certified and share this program with as many people as possible.

Soon after that I did my training with Tara and got certified. Fast forward to today and I’ve been teaching BooTy® now for about a year and a half. I’ve seen tremendous change within myself physically, mentally and emotionally. I have also noticed a change in a lot of my participants. After almost every class I have taught I have women come up to tell me how inspired they felt, how amazing they felt and how much the music moved them during class. Being a BooTy® leader is more than just being a fitness instructor…it allows me to share both my passion for fitness and also connect with myself and other strong and inspiring women. It allows me to help heal them and they help heal me.  I get to inspire them and they inspire me. We laugh, we cry, we move, we sweat and we love ourselves together in that one room for that one hour.  I’ve learned a lot about myself, how to love myself more, how to be myself more and how to challenge myself to reach for more every single time I teach a class. They have told me countless stories of how BooTy® has helped them in some way. BooTy® is not just a workout program, it is a lifestyle and way of life. Thank you, Tara and leaders I have and haven’t met…we have this amazing opportunity to change lives!


-Helen (Calgary)